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With the ever-increasing concern about protecting the environment to save the human civilization, the urge to adopt to renewable energy solutions is also increasing among the public. Among all the renewable energy sources solar energy has been able to take the first position in the priority list due its abundance and reliability.

Free Power Technology Private Limited is a solar energy solution provider company based out of Guwahati. Founded with a mission to provide quality and sustainable renewable energy solutions to its customers. Free Power Technology has grown to become a leading provider of solar energy solutions in the residential and commercial sectors. At Free Power Technology, we are committed to promote a clean, green and sustainable energy solutions that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect the environment. We strive to enable our customers to reduce their energy bills and contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Why Choose FreePower?

Free Power is committed to provides best in class services to bring customer delight.

Free Power Technology Private Limited has been serving its customer since 2013. At free power we believe in customer delight.

Free Power has the privilege of being one of the first solar system integrator of Assam to work under the state nodal agency for On-grid solar roof top program in 2017-18. Free Power has the track record of successfully running all the on-grid projects for about five years since its first installation. ...

Benefits of Solar

  • The Solar Energy can be used in any place which receives sun shine. The very existence of our Universe depends on the SUN. Solar Energy has been successfully used for domestic as well as commercial activities throughout the globe.
  • Solar Energy has been very fruitful in providing clean lighting to the remote un-electrified villages in one hand and on the other hand solar energy has helped many industries to save on their energy cost.
  • Solar power is Environment friendly and sustainable. Solar power is considered as the cleanest and the most viable form of renewable energy.
  • Solar power can save your money. Solar panels will generate electricity throughout the day so you can save money on your purchase from the grid.
  • Solar Energy protects one from ever rising Electricity Price. Beside reducing the energy bills, it drastically reduces the carbon footprint in the process. Reduce dependence on fossil fuel for the everyday life. Advocacy by the government by way of subsidy and incentives.
  • The use of solar energy ensures the “Energy Security” for the future

An Intelligent investment
for your roof space

Authorised Franchise of Homescape by Amplus Solar

Stunning Looks

HomeScape is a Rooftop Solar Power Plant for homes, designed and engineered by Amplus Solar.

Easy on Energy Bills

It helps save up to 90% of your electricity bills, ensuring up to 30% guaranteed return on investment in as less as 5 years.

Strong & Durable

Engineered for durability, these power plants come with a 25-year performance warranty backed by the trust and quality.

Asia’s leading distributed energy solutions company

HomeScape by Amplus Solar is part of Amplus Solar, Asia’s leading distributed energy solutions company. Amplus solar is a group member company of PETRONAS – A Fortune Global 500 largest corporation in the world.

Smarter and Stylish

HomeScape by Amplus Solar is a leading residential rooftop solar company in India. Innovation is the core of Amplus and they enable home owners to make smarter and stylish choices for their home.

Premium Solar Solutions

HomeScape by Amplus Solar is a Premium Solar Solutions Provider in India. It provides end to end one stop solutions to its client.


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